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Staff Picks: 2016 Albums of the Year

By Lilli Banks 2016 was such a wonderful year for creating, producing, and putting out new music. I was flooded with new albums and singles which made my top two choices for this year quite difficult. I decided that my two favorite albums of 2016 are I Like It When You Sleep For You Are […]

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Phoebe Green Interview

Interview by Corynne and Kayla Fernandez Emerging artist, Phoebe Green, hailing all the way from Manchester, is currently prepping for her very first show. We had the chance to catch up with Phoebe and talk about what inspired her to be a musician and the ins and outs of the making of her debut album, […]

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Decemburrrr Tunes

By Kayla Fernandez Time sure has flown by this year and boy it has been a wild and hectic ride. Here in California the cold weather is finally kicking in, so I thought it would be a perfect time to make a playlist for a cold and relaxing day in. Listening to artists like Bon […]

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New Music Radar: Dream Girl

By Julie Giffin Recently, I’ve felt a void in my music world. I hadn’t discovered a band that truly struck a chord with me in a few weeks… that was until I heard the Illuminauty EP by Dream Girl. Within the first few seconds of “Stranger Feelings” I was hooked. The sextet from St. Joseph, […]

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