New Music Radar: Dream Girl

By Julie Giffin

Recently, I’ve felt a void in my music world. I hadn’t discovered a band that truly struck a chord with me in a few weeks… that was until I heard the Illuminauty EP by Dream Girl. Within the first few seconds of “Stranger Feelings” I was hooked. The sextet from St. Joseph, Missouri have put a new twist on your typical lo-fi tunes. The first few adjectives that came to my head after listening to this whole EP through were bluesy and whimsical. However, songs like “Sweet Thang” and “Pretty Sexual” give off a fun and sensual vibe because of the traditional jazz instruments used… interesting combo, I know.  Honestly, there is something for everyone on this EP. 10/10 would recommend giving it a listen.

“Teenage Blue” is a song that I was the most drawn to. The lead vocalist has a very sweet and relaxed tone that pairs perfectly with traditional lo-fi instrumentals. Similar to Lana Del Rey, the lead singer has such a peaceful and angelic voice, yet still delivers such an emotionally heavy performance that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. The last minute of the track consists of the most powerful vocal performance on the EP. The lead singer cries out:  “All that I’d ever see all that I’d ever believe is through All that I’d ever see all that I’d ever be is blue”. This track really is noteworthy and because it moved me so much with only one listen, it is my favorite track on the EP.

The first track on Illuminaughty “Acid Wash Ocean” gave me an Alvvays “Marry Me Archie” vibe almost immediately. Alvvays lead vocalist Molly Rankin has the same moody tone as Dream Girl’s lead. I think this resurgence of front women powered lo-fi bands is absolutely incredible and exactly what we needed.

Based on comments on Dream Girl’s bandcamp a full length LP is in the works….You best believe I’ll be the first one raving over it when it finally is released!


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