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DC Loves Pickwick!

Words and photos by Sara Valenzuela

The indie-R&B band, made in Seattle, took the DC9 and captivated the audience with a spectacular show. The audience made it clear, DC loves Pickwick! The crowd was enthusiastic and very loud, the loudest I’ve ever witnessed at the intimate U Street venue.
Pickwick recently released their sophomore album ‘LoveJoys’ featuring singles like ‘Turncoat’ and ‘In Time’. This album is a great follow up from their 2013 debut album ‘Can’t Talk Medicine’.

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The Flaming Lips + Mac Demarco Photo Gallery

Photos by Kayla Fernandez 

Last Saturday night The Flaming Lips and Mac Demarco performed at The Shrine in Los Angeles. These two energetic acts left the crowd amazed and wanting more. Their unique styles and amazing stage presence is truly something special.

Photographs by Kayla Fernandez

Photographs by Kayla Fernandez

if hands were run-on sentences 

Poem by Avery Parrott

up and down and up and down
and up and down and up and
down my back and knotted into my hair
trying to figure out these buttons
and where they’re all coming from

silk and sweaty cotton contact
coming and going
patchy and distracting
and oh my god oh my god
i didn’t know you could do that

but as slow as you’d like
only if you’re sure you wanna do this now
only if you’re sure you’re sure
only if your brother isn’t home
only if your brother isn’t home

here, no here
running thru the thicket of your beard
with these fingers that usually don’t do much but struggle with the denim of your pants and softly quiver when you’re near

rouge nails up and down his back again
he’ll never be all mine
he’ll never be all mine
i can hold on for as long as i can
but he’ll never be all mine
not now, at least
not this time