Lydia on U Street

By Sara Valenzuela

Rolling into town with a new album (Liquor) in the bag, Lydia gave the capitol a visit. The Arizona-based indie group delighted DC with their new ‘cinematic’ sound. Leighton Antelman (lead) was all smiles on this hot and humid night, showing off Lydia’s new spark. The group continues charming its crowds with every show, DC was no different. It’s always a good time with Lydia!

Don’t be shy and give it a try! Liquor gives fans a refreshing new taste on what Lydia has to offer. Listen here:


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The Sherlocks’ Last Night in America November 9, 2017

Review and photos by Lilli Banks

November 9, 2017
DC9 Nightclub, Washington, D.C.

From Sheffield, England, The Sherlocks took a trip to North America to promote their new album. Their indie alternative music has thousands of people shouting the lyrics to their songs and selling out venues throughout United Kingdom. Building their fanbase, they opened for bands such as Kings of Leon and The Libertines and soon to open for Liam Gallagher on his European tour in 2018.

After seven years of being a band, the two sets of brothers released their debut album, “Live for the Moment” in mid-August of this year. The album featured singles from years prior and new tracks that hit #6 in the UK charts.

With the success of their album, they set off on a UK, European, and North American tour. They performed in the US back in March of 2016 for SWSX in Texas, but their first headline tour was this November, starting in Toronto.

The band kicked off the set with their song, “Last Night” and the crowd was immediately enticed. Although it was the last night of tour, they never let their energy falter. Their tunes “Blue” and “Will You Be There?” roared through DC9 Nightclub bringing those from the downstairs bar and staff.

“Turn the Clock,” arrived on the setlist and the acoustic guitar was brought out. The crowd was thrilled to hear a slower song that showed another side of the band.

Kiaran, the lead singer and guitarist, took a moment to say, “We’re ending our first tour in Washington, D.C. just how we wanted it,” which made the crowd yell with happiness and cheering.

As the upbeat songs came back, pairs of friends danced in the crowd with the beer in their hands. An older adult was front and center, mesmerized by the band. Andy, the bassist, had a huge smile on his face seeing how the crowd was reacting to them.

The band knocked the night and tour out with Chasing Shadows. Soon enough, this band will be filling venues of the USA and we’re excited to see them progress!

The band will be returning to the USA in January 2018 to the West Coast. The first date on January 16th in Los Angeles at The Echo.

You can find tickets and dates for their return here.
Their debut album streams on Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music.

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Inner Wave Interview + Photos

Interview and words by Corynne Fernandez

On the day they released their third album, Underwater Pipe Dreams, we sat down and chatted with the guys of Inner Wave, who have been quickly making a name for themselves and gaining a dedicated group of fans all over. Read below as we talk about their sold-out album release show, the process of making their long-awaited album, and favorite records at the moment.

Pictured above left to right: Luis Portillo (drummer), Elijah Trujillo (lead guitarist), Chris Runners (keyboardist), Jean-Pierre Narvaez (bassist), Pablo Sotelo (vocals and rhythm guitar)


You guys have been together since you were teenagers, how was the band formed and what’s the meaning behind the name ‘Inner Wave?’ 

Elijah: In 6th grade, Pablo and I both played guitar and we met Jean-Pierre and Alex (old drummer). Jean got a bass and Alex got a drum set which resulted to jamming.
Pablo: As for the name, I made a list of like two hundred names and I showed all my friends the list of potential band names. Inner Wave was the one everyone liked the most.

This album was three years in the making, how did you guys come to the decision it was complete?

Pablo: We ran out of money. Haha no— we finished it once before about a year ago, it was completely done and mastered in the studio ready to go, but something was off. We had this really strong idea on how the process should be, we wanted it to become very collaborative — it was, but we also wanted that in the recording process, so we worked with somebody new, but we became too focused on the process instead of the music. By the end of it we did what we wanted to do but it wasn’t the vibe we were hoping for so we redid it again in the garage.

Why the name Underwater Pipe Dreams?

Pablo:It was initially a joke, for the playlist of songs that we had. Then I felt like it made sense with the themes that were happening with the album. The expression of ‘pipe dreams’ is something that will probably be a long shot and not work out. That’s how the process for the album started to feel like after a long time. On a personal level, we all went through a lot of different things within the three years, so it’s like we slowly morphed into the name that started off as a joke. With ‘underwater’ it was kinda like an ode to Lil Ugly Mane, (rapper from Virginia) his work is really low-fi but also interesting. His whole persona and how he does things musically is very intriguing.

Your new record is reminiscent of the alt rock sound that defined the early 2000’s, like that of The Strokes, making it a shift from your other material. Lyrically and musically what inspired you this time around?

Pablo: Initially we listened to a lot of Marvin Gaye—I don’t think a lot of people would think that because inspirations don’t always translate through our songs. The lyrics come from personal experiences, this summer I tried a bit – not that I didn’t try harder before I wanted to improve that aspect of it more. It was the first time where I wrote the lyrics before the music; they would end up as poems.

What song are you most proud of off the album, and what are you all most excited to play live?
Chris: There is this song called ‘Conversations’ that Jean mostly wrote. It has a Bohemian Rhapsody vibe to it; it’s a really long song with many moving parts. It’s one of those songs where you have to listen to and understand all the elements in the song.
Luis:I would go with ‘Discipline’;that’s a track with a heavier Tom Groove in it and that part specifically, is one of the most challenging for me to play.
Elijah:I also agree with ‘Discipline’—that one for me is a banger. It gets so intense and it makes me extremely excited to play live.
Pablo: For me, it would either be ‘Discipline’ or ‘Conversations’ because I think those are the two songs that have a lot of moving parts and have the potential to be amazing live.

A lot has been leading up to today, have you guys done anything special to prep for it tonight?
Everyone: We like to do some ritual sacrifices.
Pablo: We tried to do something special with the stage production for the show, so hopefully it all works out the way we planned. *

*Update: It did! 

Photo Sep 12, 3 06 48 PM
Can you give us a day in the life of Inner Wave?
Chris: We meet up every day at 8:30pm and practice, no matter what we do in that day we always meet up at that time.
What venue would you love to play in the near future?
Chris: The El Rey, because I’ve been going to that venue ever since I was a kid.
Everyone: Red Rocks would be tight, the atmosphere is absolutely crazy.

What are your guy’s all-time favorite albums?
Elijah: Marvin Gaye’s “In Our Lifetime”
Luis: “InnerSpeaker” by Tame Impala
Pablo: That one record from Madvillain.
Chris: “Blonde” by Frank Ocean and “Mista Thug Isolation” by Lil Ugly Mane

Out of all the places you’ve toured, what would be your most memorable gig to date and why?
Everyone: The Rickshaw.
Chris: The crowd was packed; the venue had air conditioning and let us smoke in the greenroom. Also, when we were waiting to play, there was a line going around the block.

First concert?
Pablo:The first concert I was brought to was this contemporary Christian Latin American guy named Marcos Witt, but the first concert I bought tickets for was Queens of the Stone Age. It was actually a benefit concert, and so they had other acts like the Last Shadow Puppets and some other surprise guest.
Luis:I grew up around punk music, so my brother would play shows at The Knitting Factory in LA and I would always hang around him.
Chris: The first concert I got brought to was Maroon 5; it was when Songs About Jane came out and the first time I ever smelled weed before. The first one I bought tickets to was Erykah Badu.
Elijah: The first one, my dad took me to see a Led Zeppelin cover band. The first one that I paid for was FYF Fest a few years ago, the year that The Strokes played.

Now that the album’s out, what are you guys looking forward to come this year and into next year?
Pablo: Long naps and a lot of sleep—maybe take my dog for a walk.
Everyone: SXSW!

A message to all your fans?

Pablo: Keep on rockin
Chris: Y’all thanks!
Elijah: Huge thank you to everyone!
Pablo: Felt a lot of love this year—it’s intense, so thank you!

Gallery of the Inner Wave Album Release Show below:

(All photographs by Kayla Fernandez)

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A Music Lover’s Guide To Sick Days

By Rachel Perkins 

I’m currently working my way down the /mu/core essentials listening list – it’s a mighty task, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve discovered some great new favourites, given some obscure albums a go and found a fair few hidden gems among genres I’d usually ignore. Recently I’ve been feeling awful and fighting off a cold, and whilst I love discovering new music from this list, there are days that I just don’t want to put up with Brian Wilson, Joy Division or even Bjork. When I feel like crap I need music that is comforting; I need music to warm my heart and drive out the winter blues.
So here’s some recommendations for background music for your sick day. I’m not a doctor, but music is certainly good for the soul. Put on a record and rejoice in music’s ability to transform you.

All of my album choices will warm you up from the inside out. Recommended intake would be with a good book to read, lots and lots of layers and a big fuzzy blanket to cuddle up with. Maybe even throw in some snacks and a hot chocolate for good measure.


The Blue Nile are a Scottish band whose genre falls between the broad horizons of folk and pop. My first recommendation is their debut album. Released in 1984, this is their most critically acclaimed release and whilst largely ambient it carries with it plenty of 80s charm (which is totally what you need for a pick-me-up). The album uses your mind as a canvas, building up a beautiful nighttime city-scape among it’s typical of the decade synths and Paul Buchanan’s crooning vocals (‘I am in love… I am in love with you’). The highlight is, undoubtedly, ‘Tinseltown in the Rain’, which shines with optimism of a new life for old lovers. The bass line is infectious and carries the dark mood through unsuspectingly catchy instrumental breaks. At 38 minutes, this album is short yet carries with it plenty of emotion. It’s subtly romantic, eerily beautiful and moments away from being the soundtrack to a John Green movie. You’ll listen to this album once and forget about it.. shortly before coming back to it when you need a good cry.

Listen to it here !


Everyone knows this album, or if they don’t it seems to suddenly come back to them when prompted with the standout track ‘One Day Like This’ or ‘Grounds for Divorce’ (which, I swear to God, is the music for every video game trailer going). Most music fans will know Elbow is sort of ‘The Northern Radiohead’ which is mildly true if you’re into the simplistic pop rock of ‘Creep’. The Seldom Seen Kid is perfect for those who enjoy the softer side of alternative rock – it won’t stick in your head as much as Imagine Dragons or Foster the People but it will impress you in its cleverly crafted, witty ways. Ultimately it can be a tad boring and edges a wee bit too much on the safe side, but it’ll also grow on you with each listen and has moments with incredible vigor to get you off your feet and tapping your toes.

Listen to it here!


Much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Death Cab for Cutie’s latest release is a triumph for the days when you need to put yourself back together. Ben Gibbard and co. truly crafted medicine for the soul with this release, and if you weren’t persuaded by the hype when this album first came out I hope I can persuade you now! At its core, Kintsugi is a rock album but this doesn’t equate to it being void of charm. The album is pretty and sweet but also packs a punch with plenty of power chords.

This album will spark your creativity and get you ready to go back to work or school. It’ll remind you that whilst you might feel like hell, there are musicians out there creating music so wonderful that it adds a bit more meaning into your weary, run-down life.

Listen to it here!


King Charles writes funny and lovely songs about the funny and lovely women you wish you could be like. There’s bouncy piano, cute snippets of guitar riffs and lots and LOTS of hand clapping. To put a King Charles song on is like injecting pure sunlight into a room. Like a modern day Adam Ant, King Charles has plenty of originality (and not just in his music – he looks pretty out there, too).

Listen to it here!



Okay, so I’m totally biased with this choice, but every list I write has to have at least one shout out to my faves. OK Computer is a classic 90s album that doesn’t mean to parade around its excellence but totally does and, in my humble opinion, is the quintessential feeling down-in-the-dumps album. This is not because it’s overly happy or poppy, but because I first listened to this album when I was 13, and it’s since quickly become my go-to comfort album. With each listen I discover something new to love about it among the tight knit production and, my favourite part, the traces of a dystopian concept. To me, it’s ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars’ for a new generation. Whilst you’re taking sometime to rest and relax, treat yourself to what is sure to become a new favourite. And don’t just take my word for it. Seriously, listen to it.

Listen to it here!

Hopefully these albums will help to brighten your day and put some pep in your step. If not, try anything by The Beach Boys – cause if that doesn’t make you feel brighter, I don’t think anything will.