September: Music You Need In Your Life

Is it us, or has the year gone by incredibly fast? This year has boasted an abundance of incredible new musicians and material, prompting us to pick out some of our favorites. While there have been several talented artists in recent months, Declan McKenna and Banes World have made such an impression here at Lucid Dreams. Hopefully you give these musicians some love and enjoy them as much as we do.

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1. Declan McKenna

Singer/songwriter, Declan McKenna, is a Hertfordshire native, with musical abilities well above his ripe age of  17. You may recognize McKenna’s upbeat indie banger, Brazilwhich has amassed to somewhat of a summer anthem due to an incredible amount of radio play. More recently, Declan released a new single titled, Isombardwhich touches on US law and order during the age of the #blacklivesmovement. It is refreshing seeing young artists, such as Declan McKenna, who aren’t afraid to speak about today’s issues. Not only do his songs reveal poignant messages, but they are blissfully accompanied by lively composition. Isombard, for us particularly, has subtle Wes Anderson film vibes brought to you by a welcomed ping pong match between keys ands guitar. Being a musician is hard enough, but McKenna, who mind you is ONLY 17, has the extraordinary capability to relay a story along with seamless sounds. If we haven’t convinced you enough already to listen to this guy, give him the old follow on Twitter; his humor alone, will make you a fan!

Make sure to catch him on tour !

2. Banes World

Shane Blanchard, rather known as, Banes World, hails from Long Beach, California. Anyone who is  a sucker for soft hazy tunes to accompany woeful nights,  is bound to be smitten by Shane’s music; he epitomizes the essence of dreamy synth. A personal fave of ours is Valentine’s Cursebut we would highly recommend you start off with Still Lovely and float through the rest of his discography.With his uniquely composed synth pop tunes, there isn’t anyone in the game quite like Banes World. What makes the wistful songs even better are the endearing lyrics, and their notion to pull you in with a faint whisper. If you’re anything like us, and have a soft spot for the hopeless romantics, you most likely will find solace in his song, Gorgeous, in which he collaborated with artist,Temporex. In terms of similar sound, it is like if  Mac Demarco and Blood Orange had procreated, and he was their infamous love child. We COULD NOT go this whole post without being a little punny and also summing up how we feel about Blanchard, so here it is folks, “BANE’S WORLD. PARTY ON. EXCELLENT!”

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Dreamy Tunes Playlist // August 2016

Last month and this month I’ve been finding myself listening to music that is very mellow and dream like. The type of music where you lay in your bedroom in the dark for hours. I enjoy listening to this playlist when I want to wind down after a long day. There are some newer artists in the mix like Porches, Banes World and Twin Cabins. Also some older bands such as Tame Impala, Phoenix and Neon Indian. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I did making this! Hopefully you will discover a new artist in this playlist and check them out. 


Dreamy Playlist

Film Adventures : Governors Ball / New York

It’s been about over a month since we last posted on here. With hectic things going on in our life we finally had a chance to develop our film rolls! Spending a week in New York was an absolute pleasure. Enjoy our pictures!

Day 1 of Governors Ball

Father John Misty at the Big Apple Stage

Beck at the Governors Ball Stage

Patiently Waiting for The Strokes

The Strokes!

Eliot Sumner // Day 2 of Governors Ball

Catfish and the Bottlemen at the Governors Ball Stage

Sadly on day 2 of Governors Ball a huge rainstorm rolled in and day 3 was cancelled.

The Strokes Pop-Up Shop

Roaming Around the City

Jakob Danger Interview

Recently, we interviewed rising artist, Jakob Danger and his band mates Chris and Enzo Malaspina, at VLHS in Pomona. With their ability to cover a variety of genres within their composition of 8 songs, any listener is sure to find something they love. The band is currently on tour with Dog Party and are in the process of making new music for their eager audience. To find out a little bit more about this ‘barely legal’ trio (shout out to whoever gets that reference) from Oakland, listen to our interview below that touches on everything from The Strokes to pancakes and waffles.

Jakob Danger Interview

Checkout their music on Soundcloud here!

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IMG_8223IMG_8201image1 (6)IMG_8203


-Kayla & Corynne

Film Adventures: Wild Nothing

We had the chance to photograph Wild Nothing last month at their show in Santa Ana! The show left us moonstruck. Wild Nothing brings nothing but good vibes with their soothing and chill tunes. Don’t forget to get their latest album ‘Life Of Pause’, we guarantee you’ll be dancing around! It was our first time using 35mm film so we hope you enjoy!

-Corynne & Kayla



New Music Radar: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen. Have you heard of them yet? No? Well, we guarantee you will soon! Already massive in Europe, the band are quickly winning the hearts of those in the states and pretty much every where else. CATB is the epitome of simple rock n roll with influences from bands like The Strokes, Oasis, and the Arctic Monkeys. With their sophomore album, ‘The Ride’ coming out May 27th, they will be on their way to selling out arenas in no time. More recently, The Bottlemen have released their first single off the upcoming album titled ‘Soundcheck.’ The song itself embodies all it means to have good time, especially with its guitar solo too large for words, perhaps hinting at an overall sound for the album. Also, with a slew of shows announced prior to the release of the album, fans have already heard some new material such as songs titled ‘7‘ and ‘Anything.’

We were lucky enough to see half of the foursome perform an acoustic set in San Diego recently, and for lack of a better word, it was exhilarating! 20 or so people made up the intimate audience and although Van, lead singer, and Johnny, lead guitarist, only played one new track, ‘7,’ in the midst of their set list, it was more than enough to get the crowd pumped for their upcoming material. Their new song ‘7’ taps into the feelings of being in a long distance relationship and the challenges that come with it, all while having a catchy hook accompanied by a massive alt rock sound. Speaking for the whole of the audience, the pair’s performance was unmatchable, not to mention the fact that the two are utterly polite and welcoming.

You get the whole package with Catfish and the Bottlemen, from their music to their infectious friendly personalities. If you can, snag yourself a ticket to one of their upcoming shows to see why we are such fans of the band. Expect to be amongst a sea of people eager for a night they will never forget and take a friend while you’re at it!

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March: Music You Need In Your Life

Who doesn’t need new music in their life? Here are some artists we have been playing on repeat that we think you need to hear!

image1 (1)

1. The Frights 


The Frights are a surf punk band from San Diego. They recently released their second album ‘You Are Going To Hate This’ -their album actually inspired our blog name lol-, in February.  When listening to their songs like ‘You Are Going To Hate This’ or  ‘All I Need’ you have the uncontrollable urge to just jump around in your room and scream the lyrics. The Frights aren’t just that in your face type of band, their songs like ‘Tungs’ or ‘Puppy Knuckles’ are melancholy yet undeniably soothing. With their head banging tunes and unique but equally amusing lyrics they will definitely be one of your favorite bands.   Check out their self-made music video for their song ‘Kids‘! We guarantee it will give you a laugh. Catch them on tour with SWMRS, shows are selling out!

2. Hidden Charms 

Hailing from London this alternative rock group create an authentic yet comfortably familiar sound. When listening to their single ‘Love You Cause You’re There’ you hear a range of influences from The Rolling Stones to The Black Keys; but what separates this band among the rest is their dreamy combination of melodies and distinctive lyrics. Check out their song ‘Love You Cause You’re There

3. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen formed in Llandudno, North Wales in 2007.  These hardworking Brits deserve all the buzz they are getting right now. They have the confidence and lyrical genius of Oasis and  the uptempo rock anthems produced by the Arctic Monkeys. Their debut album’The Balcony’ topped the charts in 2014 in the UK and soon enough won hearts of other fans around the world. Each song off ‘The Balcony’ has the potential of being a smashing hit. With their new single ‘Soundcheck‘ we instantly noticed the maturity and growth compared to their first album. Front-man Van McCann recently said, “The last album was the support act. This one is the headliner.” We have high hopes for their sophomore album! Believe us when we say this band is going to be massive in the coming year.

4. Drowners

If you’re a fan of The Smiths and The Strokes this band is basically their love child. Even though they do have similar sounds to those iconic bands they’re cynical yet all too familiar lyrics give them a sound and voice of their own. Drowners formed in New York back in 2011 and released their debut album in 2012. Last week they just released a new single called ‘Cruel Ways‘ for their new album ‘On Desire’. From the ear pleasing tunes and Matt Hitt’s soothing deep voice this song is a hit (Haha get it?).  Drowners definitely did not let us down with this brand new single.

5. Jakob Danger

Jakob Danger Armstrong is a young Oakland native and has a pretty badass middle name. He released his first song ‘Don’t Try‘ last year in June and then shared his EP ‘Jakob Danger’ back in October of 2015. Overall this EP brings good vibes and you’ll catch yourself singing along to one of his catchy tunes. If we had to describe Danger’s sound he would be a cross between The Strokes and The Drums, but don’t let that fool you because this band has already made a name for themselves and are continuing to impress not only their fans but major magazines like Rolling Stone and NME. For anyone in the Orange County/Los Angeles area don’t miss their show with SWMRS at Chain Reaction on 4-9-16.

6. Last Dinosaurs 

Last Dinosaurs are from Brisbane, Australia. Their debut album ‘In a Million Years’ was released back in 2012 and was very successful with Australian media critics. Just listening to their hit single ‘Honolulu‘  off their first album you feel this instant happiness. Everything about the album just screams good vibes and summer. In August of 2015 the guys released their second album ‘Wellness’. The songs off ‘Wellness’ have similar sounds from ‘In a Million Years’ but with more heartbreak lyrics that fans can relate to. With their upbeat tunes you almost forget that the lyrics are about relationships not working out. Last Dinosaurs are a perfect band to listen to on a beautiful sunny day at the beach or for just chilling in your room. They also recently released a beautifully done music video for their song ‘Wurl‘.