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Gallery: DNCE and The Skins

By Marissa Lujan

Surf Curse: Nothing Yet

By Kayla Fernandez

The surf rock, lo-fi duo coming not too far, from Reno, Nevada released their latest album Nothing Yet last week. There are many bands in the indie lo-fi scene but Surf Curse brings something bigger and better to the table. Their melancholy lyrics and raw energy really tie this whole album together. The second track Doomed Generation really hits home for me, seeing as it reminds me of the pressure my generation carries–especially in this coming 4 years.

Nothing Yet is the perfect album to chill out to, whether it be alone or hanging out with friends. Comparing their previous albums to this one, you can really see the duo’s growth and a more complete body of songs. As I kept listening to this album more and more, I found greater meaning in the lyrics; I’m sure many others feel that way as well. When discovering a soon to be cherished album, poignant lyrics are perhaps the most sought for element; there is a beauty in people latching a variety of meaning to the same set of words. The closing track, Falling Apart, was a natural way to end the album; it leaves an halcyon atmosphere and completeness in its entirety.

Overall, Surf Curse have kicked off the year to a great start. Keep an eye out for some upcoming shows, they are a must see band. 

Favorite Track: Cronenberg

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New Music Radar: Dream Girl

By Julie Giffin

Recently, I’ve felt a void in my music world. I hadn’t discovered a band that truly struck a chord with me in a few weeks… that was until I heard the Illuminauty EP by Dream Girl. Within the first few seconds of “Stranger Feelings” I was hooked. The sextet from St. Joseph, Missouri have put a new twist on your typical lo-fi tunes. The first few adjectives that came to my head after listening to this whole EP through were bluesy and whimsical. However, songs like “Sweet Thang” and “Pretty Sexual” give off a fun and sensual vibe because of the traditional jazz instruments used… interesting combo, I know.  Honestly, there is something for everyone on this EP. 10/10 would recommend giving it a listen.

“Teenage Blue” is a song that I was the most drawn to. The lead vocalist has a very sweet and relaxed tone that pairs perfectly with traditional lo-fi instrumentals. Similar to Lana Del Rey, the lead singer has such a peaceful and angelic voice, yet still delivers such an emotionally heavy performance that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. The last minute of the track consists of the most powerful vocal performance on the EP. The lead singer cries out:  “All that I’d ever see all that I’d ever believe is through All that I’d ever see all that I’d ever be is blue”. This track really is noteworthy and because it moved me so much with only one listen, it is my favorite track on the EP.

The first track on Illuminaughty “Acid Wash Ocean” gave me an Alvvays “Marry Me Archie” vibe almost immediately. Alvvays lead vocalist Molly Rankin has the same moody tone as Dream Girl’s lead. I think this resurgence of front women powered lo-fi bands is absolutely incredible and exactly what we needed.

Based on comments on Dream Girl’s bandcamp a full length LP is in the works….You best believe I’ll be the first one raving over it when it finally is released!


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September: Music You Need In Your Life

Is it us, or has the year gone by incredibly fast? This year has boasted an abundance of incredible new musicians and material, prompting us to pick out some of our favorites. While there have been several talented artists in recent months, Declan McKenna and Banes World have made such an impression here at Lucid Dreams. Hopefully you give these musicians some love and enjoy them as much as we do.

Read below for more info on the artists.
1. Declan McKenna

Singer/songwriter, Declan McKenna, is a Hertfordshire native, with musical abilities well above his ripe age of  17. You may recognize McKenna’s upbeat indie banger, Brazilwhich has amassed to somewhat of a summer anthem due to an incredible amount of radio play. More recently, Declan released a new single titled, Isombardwhich touches on US law and order during the age of the #blacklivesmovement. It is refreshing seeing young artists, such as Declan McKenna, who aren’t afraid to speak about today’s issues. Not only do his songs reveal poignant messages, but they are blissfully accompanied by lively composition. Isombard, for us particularly, has subtle Wes Anderson film vibes brought to you by a welcomed ping pong match between keys ands guitar. Being a musician is hard enough, but McKenna, who mind you is ONLY 17, has the extraordinary capability to relay a story along with seamless sounds. If we haven’t convinced you enough already to listen to this guy, give him the old follow on Twitter; his humor alone, will make you a fan!

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2. Banes World

Shane Blanchard, rather known as, Banes World, hails from Long Beach, California. Anyone who is  a sucker for soft hazy tunes to accompany woeful nights,  is bound to be smitten by Shane’s music; he epitomizes the essence of dreamy synth. A personal fave of ours is Valentine’s Cursebut we would highly recommend you start off with Still Lovely and float through the rest of his discography.With his uniquely composed synth pop tunes, there isn’t anyone in the game quite like Banes World. What makes the wistful songs even better are the endearing lyrics, and their notion to pull you in with a faint whisper. If you’re anything like us, and have a soft spot for the hopeless romantics, you most likely will find solace in his song, Gorgeous, in which he collaborated with artist,Temporex. In terms of similar sound, it is like if  Mac Demarco and Blood Orange had procreated, and he was their infamous love child. We COULD NOT go this whole post without being a little punny and also summing up how we feel about Blanchard, so here it is folks, “BANE’S WORLD. PARTY ON. EXCELLENT!”

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