Surf Curse: Nothing Yet

By Kayla Fernandez

The surf rock, lo-fi duo coming not too far, from Reno, Nevada released their latest album Nothing Yet last week. There are many bands in the indie lo-fi scene but Surf Curse brings something bigger and better to the table. Their melancholy lyrics and raw energy really tie this whole album together. The second track Doomed Generation really hits home for me, seeing as it reminds me of the pressure my generation carries–especially in this coming 4 years.

Nothing Yet is the perfect album to chill out to, whether it be alone or hanging out with friends. Comparing their previous albums to this one, you can really see the duo’s growth and a more complete body of songs. As I kept listening to this album more and more, I found greater meaning in the lyrics; I’m sure many others feel that way as well. When discovering a soon to be cherished album, poignant lyrics are perhaps the most sought for element; there is a beauty in people latching a variety of meaning to the same set of words. The closing track, Falling Apart, was a natural way to end the album; it leaves an halcyon atmosphere and completeness in its entirety.

Overall, Surf Curse have kicked off the year to a great start. Keep an eye out for some upcoming shows, they are a must see band. 

Favorite Track: Cronenberg

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