Jake Bugg and Nina Nesbitt Live at The Bluebird Theater

Words and photos by Marissa Lujan 

Outside the Bluebird Theater, fans of multi-award winning Jake Bugg, waited anxiously for the doors to open.
When inside, they were welcomed by opener Nina Nesbitt, who started the show with her nostalgic piece “The Moments I’m Missing” which will be the first song off of her upcoming album. Nina wowed the crowd with her flawless falsettos and her ever relatable lyrics in “Somebody Special”. This tour certainly is special for Nina; being her first time ever to play in the U.S.

Once Jake walked on stage, guitar in hand, the Nottingham based singer-songwriter said hello to the crowd and began strumming to his tune “Hearts That Strain”. He proved himself to be anything but ordinary with his astounding vocals & not to mention his effortless picking skills. Bugg recently released his fourth studio album, but played at the request of fans to reminisce on his older songs. The audience sat quiet in awe of his talent–even occasional shushing could be heard in the midst of the floor. Bugg undoubtedly demonstrated that he is fully capable of delivering his soulful message through the power of his voice anytime. As far as I’m concerned, Nina and Jake will always be welcome back to Denver.




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