The New Pornographers at the 9:30 Club

By Lilli Banks

Canada is home to many talented musicians. A 7-piece band from Vancouver made a stop at the 9:30 Club in DC! The New Pornographers sold out two nights at the 1,200 capacity venue, I was lucky enough to attend the second night.

With their new album, “Whiteout Conditions” released just a few weeks ago, they were kind enough to perform some of them. Despite having 7 members in the band, they were able to showcase each member with their instruments and talented voices.
Their set was full of colors and an audience of all ages! Parents bringing their 8 year old kids, college students, even some people that had grey hair!

The band had restrictions for their fans though…they requested that there was no personal photography or videography.

It sure did pay off. There were a few phones here and there, but people danced more and truly absorbed the moments. Fans were yelling the lyrics to each other with their friends as they lifted their beers!

At every 9:30 Club show, you will always find a fan smiling. It’s a venue where you are completely enthralled in the experience. The New Pornographers captured that and put on a wonderful show. If their show hasn’t sold out near you, then see if you can grab a ticket!

You can listen to “Whiteout Conditions” here!


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