NE-HI’s Electric Visit to DC

Review and Photos by: Sara Valenzuela

NE-HI delivered an amazingly energetic performance at the DC9 this past week. Being a Monday night concert, it was an absolutely kicking way to start the week.


NE-HI are a Chicago based rock band created in the warm summer of 2013. The foursome, made up of Alex Otake (Drummer), James Weir (Bassist), Jason Balla (Guitarist), and Mikey Wells (Guitarist) started as being in their friend’s film that summer and it took off from there. They continued making music and since then have toured around the east coast and Midwest of the US, with bands such as Twin Peaks and Car Seat Headrest. They are currently finishing out their current tour (tickets available here). Beyond their venue shows they’ve done festivals such as Midpoint, Pygmalion, and North Coast Music Festival. Also, they’ll be making an appearance at Pitchfork Music Festival this July.


With dreamy DC natives Makeup Girl opening the show, NE-HI’s performance did not disappoint the DC crowd. The Chicago band gave us a phenomenal performance that woke up us from that frigid Monday night and left everyone in a buzz. Proving their mastery in live music, they have set their ground as one of the best rising American rock bands today.


Check out NE-HI’s latest album, Offers, on Spotify!


Keep up with them on Twitter and Facebook!



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