New Music: SWMRS

We want to dedicate our first ‘real’ post to a new and up-and-coming band that we feel will change the way you listen to music, so without further ado, here are SWMRS.


Hailing from Oakland, California, SWMRS- formerly known as Emily’s Army- have just came out with their debut album, Drive North. It is a mixture of head- banging tunes and empathetic strangeness that rallies any audience into belonging. Their title track, ‘Drive North,’ displays the bands’ devotion to The Bay and all its simplistic attributes through loud and raging vocals with similar musical backing. However, this album is nothing short of a variety; tracks like ‘Hannah’ and ‘Miss Yer Kiss’ highlight on infamous yet zealous teenage angst, brilliantly contradicted by mellow and subtle oddities. With such diversity, you are bound to find yourself within at least one of their massive songs.

We were lucky enough to go to the SWMRS’ record-release party on February 12th, and in simple terms it was FUCKING AMAZING! From start to finish you were embraced by their positive energy, friendliness, and infectious want for a good time. To the audience and our surprise, they played their album in its entirety. Each song was played with a fanatical maturity, sure to turn anyone into a fan.



SWMRS put on lively, vibrant, and raw shows that instantly incite a deeper connection between them and their fans, better described as their friends. There is no definite way to describe this all-encompassing band; you can’t put a label on them, and their music embodies that notion. Like their singles, we are all ‘uncool’ and still ‘figuring it out.’ Embracing who you are is the common thread throughout this album and provides a uniquely fulfilling listening experience, and dare I say even better live.  So do yourself a favor and go listen to the SWMRS’ debut album ‘Drive North,’ and if you get the chance, see them live on their headlining tour in a city or country nearest you.


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Twitter: @swmrsca_

Instagram: @swmrs


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Not much of a first post, but since this is a music blog, here is a new playlist of up and coming bands and some slightly older tunes you should already be listening to. Hope you enjoy, and expect to see a post within a week about one of our new favorite bands from Oakland, CA.


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