A Night With Mac Demarco

Arguably the best thing to come out of Canada is singer-songwriter, Mac DeMarco. While some consider his music ‘slacker rock,’ in reality, he is a pretty busy musician touring around the world all while effortlessly making fans happy. DeMarco’s tunes ooze carefree summer happiness. It might not be prime radio play music but Mac has amassed a large following that continues to grow with every yodel he belts. Whether you want to listen to laid back dreamy guitar pop or upbeat jams, you’ll be able to find it in Mac Demarco.

The crowd, although calm and serene throughout the opening songs, became more and more ecstatic as the set progressed–seemingly along with the vivacious energy Mac and his band emitted. The Greek Theatre’s 8,500 seats are nearly all filled, and nearly everyone is out of their seats, swaying along with Mac, as he danced and (pardon the overused cliché) ‘became one with the crowd.’ His infectious whimsical personality instantaneously forged a bond between him and all those who watched–everyone felt at ease with one another. While unpredictable, Demarco’s charm and performance is like no other and is a must-see for anyone looking to have a good time. CAUTION *chill vibes are in your near future*

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